Finally Friday!

Yes! It’s finally Friday! Thank god for that.


For me, this week has gone quick, I think it’s mostly due to how every morning this week except Monday and Tuesday has been a open morning, So that means for chosen prefects like me, I get to miss my first lesson and wait to tour any parents that come. Today, I spent both my first lessons having coffee and tea with some parents and talking to them after they have had their tour, It was pretty fun! 😀

Also, this week people have been talking a lot about colleges, So many people are only now starting the know what they want to do, all I can say is, Really? I mean come on, I’ve known for like two years, It’s really quite strange how people have no ideals of what they want their next crucial three to six years to be like. However, it could be me that is planning to fair ahead :’) I don’t know

And today, Me and my younger sister were in the garden hitting a tennis ball at each other (don’t ask :D) and I hit it on our garage roof, So, Climbing up there, got it, threw it off, I then decided to jump off, Now this is between 10 to 11ft high up, Me feeling like a moron, decided to jump off onto the grass, -The distance between the garage wall and grass is around 3ft, so if I landed on the concrete part, it would hurt.- Jumping off, I kinda rolled on the grass, I felt fine, but now, typing this, my shoulder feels strange, Now, 3 hours before football training, here’s to hoping it’s fine, and I don’t need to work to hard tonight :D, The joys of being a fifteen year-old boy!

So overall, My week has been good, Got more of my art coursework done, I’m almost finished with my Music Composition (When it’s due on the 31st of Oct) and I’ve got Football training later, Front room is almost finished decorated and some things in life seem the be fitting back into its great rhythm – Despite some recent personal events.. ugh. –

In other news, only twenty more days until Battlefield 3! *fist pumps* So that means, 30 more days until I actually buy it 😉 (Joys of not having much money on me, 😀 damn you new football boots/season starting, damn you. 🙂 ) also, WoW’s 4.3 patch has been up on the ptr for a week or so, and BB has been giving us more interesting look at the new raid and weapon looks in

Well, that’s my second blog finished, On a side note I will aim to do one at least once a week, maybe more, depends if I have more stuff to say. 🙂 Thanks all


“Þú hefur brotið keðju stjórn, þú verður að vera dæmdir”


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