Just goes to show..

As since 16:50, GMT, it has been confirmed that Col Muammar Gaddafi is finally dead. And yes, I do mean finally.   He was a truly horrible man, he constantly was blind that his nation hated him; he believed all Libyans loved him, he thought he was a good leader.

Goes to show that nowadays, Dictatorships are not a way to forward, it shows to me, with good organisation, and good numbers of men, a man in a seat of power as a leader of a country, you can not hide away from them, as seen, a revelation like this will work if a leader is blind to what is happening. I think this will now be the end of all NATO activity in the region, and now the west can focus more on Islamic Extremism.

After the terror attack on Lockaby, Pan am flight 103,( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_Am_Flight_103) and the use of Libyan Semtex by the IRA, There is a massive relief by the PM and families of those that lost their lives during the attacks involving terror cells under Gaddafi – Yes, a leader of a country did also work with and give directions/funds/weapons to a Libyan Terror Cell! – who now have their ‘Justice’. But now, I can guess in places like Tripoli, it is going to be dangerous for all the Gaddafi supporters who are now going to be broken, if I was one of them, I would be ashamed.

Just goes to show, If you are the face of a terror attack on a country like, Great Britain, United States and so on, you will finally be brought to your knees, It will take time, but with organisation and just being ruthless in the ‘hunt’ you will get results, Happened with Bin Laden, now with Col Gaddafi.

I’m no expert, but this is my interpretation on these events, I might not be right, but everyone has their own views.

Just goes to show, being in favour and backing act of terrorism, there will be repercussions, and you will be brought to your knees of your opposition,  and they will want justice in whatever way they want. 

‘… Og hún talaði orð sem myndi bræða í hendurnar, hún talaði orð speki.’


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