Oh, Announcements and Promotions! Thank you Mr Blizzard

Today, if not the day before, Mists of Pandarian was annouced, there was a lot of before hand speculation about it being fake or not, and me personally believed it to be false, Since it’s the BlizzCon weekend, theres a crapload of announcements on http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/ Check it out! Since theres so many to talk about here but heres some of the neat little things so far;

  • Pandarians are the new neutral race, you play them, then decide whether to go horde or alliance
  • Level cap to 90
  • Monk is a new class, all but goblin/worgen can be one
  • Talents are being totally revamped
  • New continent called Pandaria ]
It’s so nerdy for me to blog about this, but it’s fairly exciting, the way it’s been worked into lore is fitting, rather than a joke, and the pandarians look pretty cool, but so far in WoW, Theres, Pandas, Cows, Dorfs, Elves, Gnomes, Wolfs, Goblins, Trolls and Zombies… Isn’t that everything viral on the internet? 😀
Also, Theres a new promotion, you sign up to a 12-month commitment to a WoW Sub, (Pay monthly or however you want to) and you revieve:
  1. a FREE  copy of Diablo 3, with all the downloadable stuff you would get with the Limited Ed, (Sc2 portrait, WoW mini-pet, blah blah)
  2. a in-game mount ‘Tyrael’s Charger’ in WoW for all characters when you make them and all current, with the launch of 4.3
  3. Guaranteed Beta Key to the closed beta for Mists of Pandarian
To be honest, I only really accepted this for the free copy of Diablo 3 (Thank you blizzard for saving me £39.99) and the Guaranteed Beta Key, the mount is pretty cool too I guess.
Thats my nerd-gasm over, havnt really got much else going in life, Half term is nigh however! (Yaaaaaaaaaaay!) which means more time for my to do Art and Music Coursework, Revision and sleepy sleep! So I might do daily mini-blogs next week!
‘… Og hún talaði orð sem myndi bræða í hendurnar, hún talaði orð speki.’

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