Middle of Half-Term

Pff, Already been Monday and Tuesday, time flies when your… revising, art coursework and doing music? Seems so, So readers wait, I mean, reader. How has your week been?… oh that’s good to hear! Enjoying the weather then? no? yeah rain sucks in the UK, It’s very confusing, on and off water falling from the sky.

Yeah this is quite a rambling post, but I said I wanted to update regularly, but oh well, I’ll briefly do it now!

Starting from Saturday, I did Art work and went to a party, which I was the token male for most since some people seem to forget a party on saturday means it’s not on Sunday, Steven’s a silly.

Sunday was quite a lazy day since I was up to 3am the following night so being sleepy and revising seems very.. productive.. *coughs*

Monday, Art, WOO! *sarcasm*

Tuesday, I finally finished my Music Composition, Which is awesome because it was one of my biggest things that needed to be done this week, Win.


Recently, since the saturday, some friends of mine have been looking out for me, telling things that made me realise some stuff, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, it’s a hard decision, -and yes, I am venting to someone that has no idea what I am saying but hopefully will kind of understand what self-battle I am facing- Either way, I’m going to possibly hurt someone, I would rather be hurt myself twice over than hurt this person or put them in this place to make a decision like that, it’s difficult, it sucks, it’s so bloody hard, and it can’t stop thinking about it, and what makes this worse, I can’t stop thinking about it, At the moment its one of the first things I think of when I wake up, (With making coffee/what I am going to do today) and it’s one of the last things I think about when I go to sleep, Its so frustrating, I just hope it will level out soon, I need to make this decision before it eats away at me from the inside, but if I rush it, I’m just going to be an arse and look like a dick. But thats my week so far.


Battlefield 3 is finally released! A lot of game play of the campaign is being released on YouTube but I refuse to watch it, the trailer look amazing, and like everyone else, I’m sure they are excited to play it through, and it’s new unlock-able system is really good. It’s using a new game engine called Frostbite 2 which makes it look better and means animation can be more realistic, Exciting!

4.3 for WoW is due in a couple of weeks, that means more raid content to play with! 😀 and now BlizzCon is over, all the final coverage is now on http://www.mmo-champion.com , Check it out!

Nothing else has really happened in the gaming world that I’ve heard of, nothing very ground-breaking, but I have been watching a lot of Crysis 2 and Fable 3 game-plays, they are quite old games at the moment, but they look good and I think I might have to buy one of them soon, doing that would mean i’ll have some more blogging material 😉

Dankeschun for reading again 🙂

‘… Og hún talaði orð sem myndi bræða í hendurnar, hún talaði orð speki.’

Eat That Up, It\’s Good For You – Two Door Cinema Club


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