You have broken the chain of command and the covenant, You must be judged!

Well, it has been a very exhausting day today, first off, my girlfriend, Charlie, gave me some shocking, upsetting, – and frankly, it made me terrified of losing her – news today, (Which I will not share, out of respect), thankfully, we’re fine now, and that’s not even half of it, I had another game of football today, and In that game I got cramp in the same area, twice, and having to run off cramp is pain, but I had to do it, it was a close game, and we still lost, we all got equally tired, frustrated, and just could not keep clam, unfortunately.

I have exams tomorrow to top it all off, the idea of looming mock exams also really to test me how I can organise my time, not get over-stressed with many exams + school work, and other things, and also that I have to finish a English project, catch up for art before my exam, (Yet to decide on final idea, fuck) and write a ‘popular song’ composition, write lyrics, and find someone to sing it. Bah!


So as I write this ‘bitch blog’ about how exhausted I am, my body aches, my brain feels sleepy, and it’s Monday tomorrow (Weekend, Y U NO 3 day?)



Iiiiinnnnnnn Other news, WoW’s 4.3 patch is confirmed to hit 29th of Nov, which should be interesting, gives me a reason to actually enjoy it again :P, MW3 has been released, but as Sledgehammer (the developers) wanted it to beat Bf3 in ratings/sales, it fails to, making bf3, one of the top games sales this year. (Nerdgasm).


And nothing else to really say, type, whatever, Thanks for reading yo! 😉 😀

(Title from the film Underworld, I like the film and watched it today)


‘… Og hún talaði orð sem myndi bræða í hendurnar, hún talaði orð speki.’


One thought on “You have broken the chain of command and the covenant, You must be judged!

  1. MW3 is all the rage over here, but it may just be my particular social group that has always had a shining for it. I’ll give it this, though: my housemates tried to play BF3 one evening while I did homework, I heard excessive amounts of swearing, and I’ve never seen it since then. Not quite sure what they disliked in the game so much, but chances are they’ve just acclimatized themselves to raping face at MW3 and couldn’t handle NOT doing that in the newest of the Battlefield series.

    And bitch blogs are always fine–I think venting just keeps people sane sometimes. One of my roommates (you may remember Kevin? He’s the really loud one who likes to make fun of everyone) got dumped last weekend by his girlfriend of a year or so. Needless to say, he hasn’t been in the best of moods. The entire department is watching out for him, though (I mean that literally; he’s got a cabal of middle-aged profs who have been inviting him over for food, beer, etc.), so I imagine he’ll pull out better than ever ^^

    –A random Amerifag

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