By Request of Lucy: Hockey For Dummies.

Well, Lucy is going to see Olympic Hockey, and she don’t know the rules. Heathen.

So I don’t know how this is going to go because I don’t have pictures or I cannot demonstrate ūüė¶ So bare with me! I’ll cover the basic rules, and what you can expect to see! And we’ll see where we go from there! ūüôā

So, whats the point of hockey? 

Well, Hockey is a pitch-invasion game, the aim is to control the opposing team, locking them into their half of the pitch. And get the small (Hard) ball, into the goal, which is protected by a padded keeper.

The pitch is 90m or so from goal to goal. And is split into quarters, two middles is where most of the play is. And in the two final quarters, there is a solid-line half-circle inside a dotted-line half-circle.

To get the ball in the goal can be tough, it’s only 4m by 2m!¬†

There is 11 players per team. A goalie, and 10 outfielders. Positions can include Sweeper, wing, wing backs, forwards, midfielders etc. (Pretty much similar to football) Positions can depend team strategy. It is common to see four defenders, three midfield players and three attackers. However, world-class teams normally play very¬†changeable¬†positions and formations. And can change when needed to play more attackingly, defensively or ‘holding’.¬†

Goals can only be scored within the larger semi-circle. Any goals from outside this area are disallowed and the ball will be played from goal. Each goal is one point. 

Some basic rules:

  • You can only control the ball with the flat side of a stick
  • The stick cannot be raised above shoulders; this is dangerous play and will result in a free-pass to the other team.
  • Only exception to this is when a defender is attempting to deflect a shot on goal.¬†
  • The game is started with a push-pass from the center spot.¬†
  • If the ball makes contact with a foot, the ball is turned over.
  • You cannot tackle from behind a ball, use hands to push a player or attempt to swipe the ball between a players legs. Doing so is a free-pass to the other team.¬†

Basically, Hockey is very similar to Football. Except you must play the ball with a stick, not the feet.

Short Corners, or Penalty corners are when a defender fouls an attacker in the defenders ‘Arc’. The Attacker then plays the ball from the back line, 10m away from the goal. The ball is then passed into the other attackers stood around the ‘shooting arc’ and then they can take a shot or dummy the ball. During this, 5 defenders stand on the goal line, and when the ball is passed, they can run out to defend. (Scary, but I never have to do it!)

When a foul is committed, a free-pass is given. Which is like a free-kick. Defender cannot stand too close, and the ball is stopped until played. However, a player can ‘take it to¬†them self’ where they move it from the spot¬†them self, and play resumes.¬†

If the ball leaves the pitch, it is turned over to the other team, and the same rules as above applies. 

If a foul is severe, or if a player is consistently fouling, a Green-card may be awarded, which is a 2min sinbin to the player. 

In knock out stages, if it’s currently a draw. Golden Goal is played. Extra time, first to score wins!¬†


Thanks for reading! And I hope you feel smarter about the sport! ūüėČ Reply with any questions and I’ll answer them!


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