Nickname Status: Pending.

Prior to my slight-rant on not having many readers, that post had 24 readers, slightly awkward for me. To those people, thank you! Hope you continue to enjoy my content!

So now I pretty much take back whatever I said about it all, haha!

The title? My friend Lucy, has been working on a nickname, I told her to have it done soon, and it can be todays title, but unfortunately, she has not thought of one. Silly person. So hopefully by tomorrow, she will of done it! (Yes, I set her homework…)

Today’s Saturday, which considering I have been off, and bumming it, since June the 17th, it feels like a normal, bog-standard day. The main difference is it’s noticeably more busy on the roads at around Midday, when normally, people would be working. Another one is that my parents are at home. However the next month, they both have taken two weeks off each. So that means no more staying in late, waking up to an empty house. (Which I really enjoy, making coffee in my boxers is very liberating)

But why did I start my main paragraph telling you the day? ‘How very boring’ you might be asking. Well, because this project is a one-month thing, I think it would be nice to track each day via the day and date. I’m just so cool 😉

Also, to add, each of my blogs have been written (thus far) at around and past 11pm, currently, it’s 11:51, so I really need to hurry up.

Apart from being pleasantly surprised with my views, I aim to maintain it, and possibly get better! I’m constantly reading and replying to comments, and I love creative and constructive feedback. If you don’t like one thing, or I’m doing one thing wrong. TELL ME! And I will try my best to improve, obviously it must be reasonable. It can’t be something like “Upload a picture of you with a shoe on your head after each blog!” Because frankly, that’s stupid, but tempting… (Damnit! I give myself bad ideas…)

And that’s all I have to say for today, thanks for reading everyone! And I hope you look forward to tomorrows!


Upload a picture of you with a shoe on your head after each blog!

This is a one off! 😉 And a chance to show off my new football boots, mango and granite, Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII to anyone interested! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Nickname Status: Pending.

  1. Come on, someone had to say it. But seriously, please do it. It would be actual JOkEs. It could be like a guided tour of all the shoes you own. Just do it until you run out of different pairs of shoes. Go on, I dare you. 😉

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