Obsession with objects on heads?

So as yesterdays blog said, I will NOT be taking silly requests such as putting stuff on my head. Unfortunately, I gave in. It did actually get requested because it seems Lucy is facetious, grr!

However, the ‘object’ will not be shows for the while, but cool stuff I own or whatever, I’ve already got an idea of what stuff I wanna do for say, the next 5-7 blogs, and I’m sure by then, I would of thought of more stuff! I think it’s quite a nice motif of my current project, and gives me something to write about. However, it means I have to write a blog about that object, publish it, then on my iPhone edit the blog and attach the picture. That or I take the picture then sync my iPhone. I’m for the first option. But I may when i’m bored have a ‘photo-shoot’ of cool stuff I own, then upload them too my pc so that they are already there to attach!

With my planning out the way; time for the rest of the blog! (On a side note, I may put said object on my head, depends how I feel 🙂 )

So, object number one? My Hockey stick! As you can tell in my blog below (By Request of Lucy: Hockey For Dummies) I play and love hockey! I’ve been playing since I was 11/12, and still going strong! I play a Forward or Right Wing. I do like Hockey because it don’t matter really if you’re tall or small. Inf act I believe it’s better to be small and fast (like myself) because of the low center of gravity I have. And since I do need to jump up and compete for the ball as in Football. It’s all good! (I would also like to add, I also play football, since I was like 8, so go figure)

My stick is Kookaburra Flame! Awesome! And it’s the second stick i’ve owned in playing the sport, was a Christmas present two years ago! It’s fairly lightweight, so ideal for an attacker. It’s 65% Carbon, 35% Fiberglass! 🙂

Well, so ends August 5th’s blog. And again, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.


I could not balance on my head, shame really. 😦


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