WED-DENS-DAY and Super Olympic Sized Rant.

Whenever I am spelling out the word Wednesday, WED-DENS-DAY is the way I say it in my head. Even though it’s not how you spell it. Weird.
So what’s today cool thing I own you ask? It’s my turtle! His name is Donatello and i’ve had him since I was 4, he’s a top lad 😉 Don’t do much but eat, sleep and swim, 2/3’s of what I do! He’s not really a cuddly pet, but it’s interesting thing to bring up to make conversation, not many people have a turtle! Apart from one of my best friends, but ssh!

On a totally different subject; the Olympics. And one thing that’s been annoying me during the events.

How people bring in athletes personal lives and stories, and from those, they then decide to rank them on how ‘brave’ and ‘inspirational’. Which I find disgusting, it truly is saddening. These athletes are working, they are doing a job. They say themselves in interviews and such that they wish people would be more focused on the events, focused on celebrating the togetherness of the worlds nations, in a beautiful and dynamic display of sporting accomplishment. It’s like saying one accountant is better than another because his dog died. It is sad, and clearly it would of hurt said accountant, but he has to keep working. In his place of work, he is still equal.

I think every athlete at the Olympics is a hero, a true inspiration. From USA to Russia, Great Britain to China, each athlete has already accomplished something massive. A huge positive that easily outweighs a tragic event in their lives.

Oscar Pistorius, AKA Bladerunner. A south-African runner, with two missing legs, in which two running ‘blades’ replace where his shins would be. This year, he qualified for the Standard Olympics, rather than the Paralympics, because despite his disability, he is extremely fast, and is able to compete. Now, people say that he is a much bigger inspiration to most of the athletes at the Olympics, and I disagree. Yes, he has overcome a very tragic part of his life, and turned it around, and turned it until something amazing. But we must remember, that so have all of the others Olympians. They have turned a talent, into something brilliant, in which they are among the greatest at whatever that talent may be. Pistorius has said in countless interviews that they want people to be focused at the speed he competes, and not his disability. Because he is in the Olympics, he is as equal as any other. He, as I, believes people should be focused on what an Olympian is doing, and not why they are doing it.

Having said that, I do think it is brilliant to see people like Pistorius compete in the Olympics, because it shows disability does not immediately separate that person. And it is really great and inspiring to see him do what he has done. But by being disabled in the Olympics does show it don’t matter how you go there. But we should support and celebrate, that all these Olympians from all of these nations are there.


Unfortunately, Donatello would not appreciate me waking him up and putting him on my head. Shame.


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