Haircut! Blog from my iPhone!

Hey guys! Today I got a hair cut, I know , OMG! I’ll put a pic below and it’s weird you know, having haircuts because of how awkward you normally sit there. Sometimes I briefly talk to my hairdresser about when I last had my hair cut. But that was not the case today! Because I had a new hairdresser. For 10min, nothing was said. Apart from telling her what I want done, of course.

Also, my thing of the day? Is my football boots! Which I briefly mentioned, my Nike vapour viii’s really light, Comfy and well made boots. So much better than my old ones. Its made of a grippy material, which grips the ball; making curling it easier. Tis all good!

Rather crap blog today I’m afraid, but it’s also the first one of the month from my iPhone, yay! 🙂

Thanks for reading!




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