“What do I have to do to get a point”

So basically, as I have mentioned before, me and my friend, Lucy, have a cooper-point system. In which when we out-wit or correct the other person, we get a point. Clearly, I’m a failure at this, and only can really get points with stuff involving sport or history. Both of these subjects we do not talk about much. Shame really.

Currently, the score is 4-3, to Lucy. And it would be higher, however I constantly deny her points. The main reason is because using height insults is not fair! It’s mean! And really, I want it to be a little bit close. But she don’t really deny me points, mainly because she’s too nice. (That or it’s such a rare occasion I get awarded a point)

So, what is today’s cool thing? Well it’s more of an Experience, than a cool thing. My trip to see the Arctic Monkeys at the O2. Not only was it my first gig, but it was too see one of my favorite bands. I can sing along to any of their songs. I love them! Also, The Vaccines, a band I also really enjoy were supporting them. The gig was amazing, me and three other friends, sharing the love for great music. The night started off slow. But towards the middle, the arena burst erupt of cheers and shouting, during the amazing light show of ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’. I had around a foot by half foot space, to jump and cheer from. We had a great view, not standing, but none the less it was amazing. Unfortunately, I had to be extra cautious because I drew the short straw and had to stand next to these three, 14 looking year old girls, he sounded like they were from Newcastle. In our boyish-ness, I was pushed into them, mid-song, because well, it’s funny, I thought so, they thought so. But it was all in good fun. Towards the end of the evening, all four of us got given three different numbers. I retained to the bit of paper, smiled awkwardly and left it in my jeans, to be a wet damp pile of paper when my jeans were cleaned. Good excuse to why we never called 😉

The more you get to know me, the more you’ll get to realise how much music has influenced my life, and you’ll understand how brilliant I think the Arctic Monkeys are. I would recommend anyone to go see them for a bloody brilliant night. Below i’ll show a picture of my ticket of said evening 🙂

Thanks again for reading my blog, again I hope you enjoyed my sad attempt at being a good bloggie. Unfortunately, not much room to sound profound, but oh-bloody-well. 🙂



4 thoughts on ““What do I have to do to get a point”

  1. Three things, dude:
    1. It’s actually 5-3 at the moment. Sorry.
    2. On the forth line you wrote ‘don’t’ instead of ‘doesn’t’. I’m not normally too picky about your blogs but that is just too annoying to not correct.
    3. Why is that ticket not on your head?

    • 1. Balls
      2. More balls
      3. How will I prop it up? Without a prop? Then its the ticket and the prop. When the blog is about the ticket, not the ticket and the prop. Otherwise it would be flat, and hard to see.
      Also, I’m the epitome of laziness, I don’t want to remove it 😦

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