Revenge of the Ramble.

So, for today’s ramble.

I’ve recently borrowed How I Met Your Mother seasons 3/4 and The Big Bang Theory Season 1, and been re-watching seasons 2/3/4 over the past couple of nights. It’s really cool, how you get attached to characters, and you get to understand the inside jokes. It’s really sad spending most recent evenings like that, but it’s also good background noise. Also especially since the weather has been poor recently. The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are currently some of my favorite programs. Good job America!

In other news, I love speaking to someone special in the evenings, she’s so funny, silly and interesting. And I love her muchly, I’d happily say it, to her face of course. But I think when I can’t see her. This will have to do. She’s quite a special person 😀

Anyways, that’s the end of another blog, was quite stormy outside today, so might go finish watching How I Met Your Mother season four. 

Thanks for reading, until next time. 


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