Cornhusking Antibodies

Today was great, just spent the day with someone awesome and we watched How I met Your Mother and eat Indian snacks. It’s really quite impressive the power someone else’s actions can have on your mood. Sometimes someone can say a sentence and it can really hurt you. Or it could work both ways.

Today I’ve experienced both, one person made me so happy; made my day great. The other said some stuff which may of been true, but now it’s currently running around my head, as if she said it with the intent to hurt me, his behind the visage of trying to help things between us.

Luckily I have someone who is trying her best to make things better. I have someone to turn to, someone who is brilliant. I am so grateful to her.

In others nerdy news, the cinematic for Mists of Pandaria was released today, and my god it’s brilliant. Kinda makes me sad how I’m around £40-60 short of Octobers Sub and the Collectors Edition I want to buy haha. Oh well. Im fairly excited for it, shall be good! However I think someone disagrees 😉 *cough* *cough* 🙂

Tomorrow, another day with someone 😉 and then football training, yay! I cannot wait.

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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