Another Anthropological Post

If you don’t know already, an anthropologists job is the study of the development of humans. Be it social or not. And the relevance today, is because yesterday, I touched on how surprising it is someone’s words can have an effect on someone’s mood. Which I think may also be linked into the study, because it’s social.

And when I say another, it suggests I’m going to be doing something similar. At least, I will try.

Today, I learnt how no matter what you do in life, we only have one purpose. To reproduce. And I think that’s our only purpose because well, if we all started by reproducing, we would die out. But I would also say that we have other side-purposes. But it’s simpler to say the one main purpose. Everyone in their life will want to have children, it’s in our human nature.

Human nature is funny, because there’s born athletes, born egg-heads. But we always live to succeed. If someone is good at something, people will hate you for it. If you’re bad at something, people will also hate you for it. It’s very petty, but true. People always have that piece of them that makes them jealous of someone better than themself, and also have a part of them that wants to tease them when they are inferior. However luckily, due to social convention development, we retain from doing this normally. Some people however, are arses.

But that’s just the bare face of it. As my Old Biology Teacher said; humans went from being quite basic bacteria, to being big, complex, social balls of fuzziness. I would like to see someone write about ‘Humans’ going into detail about ever social convention and development since we evolved into Homosapiens.

Sorry for the boring blog, but it was quite interesting to write I guess. 😛

Thanks for reading… Especially this one. Until next time.


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