Oh you’re kidding me.

So guys, I decided that I was going to write and upload today from my phone, since last night my Pc crashed during writing, Gah!

So I happily write it all, pleased with it, done. Or so I thought! No, it was not going to be that simple… By the time I finished writing, I had 3% battery life. Which meant the publishing would be slow, very slow. I was downstairs at the time, so I decided to leave it. I check up on it, 60 or so percent complete, but 1% battery. Panic.

How long had it been like it? Long? Or has it just switched to 1? So I grabbed my phone, walked upstairs with it in my pocket, intending to quickly give my phone its ‘adrenaline’ or as we call it, ‘electricity’. But no, as I walk past my parents room, my mum begins to ask me questions about my sisters birthday. No mother! My phone is dying! I must go! Quickly answering the questions, trying to not sound so annoyed, I go into my room, plug in the cable to the socket, pull out my phone from my pocket. Black screen.

Uh-oh, maybe it’s gone to sleep, not dead, just asleep. No! Nien! Non! Nej! Geen!

To my attempts wake it up, by pressing it’s belly, it did not respond. Sadly, my writing was lost.

So, I attached it to its care unit, as it sat in critical care, until a buzz, indicating to me it is alive again. But weak, and so the recovery progress begun. And this, this post was written.

The end.

Ok, so the bright side of that, was I wrote a much more interesting story about the death and revival of my phone. However I decided to write it as if it’s a person or animal. Cause it just deserves so, okay?! Good.

Hopefully you got a laugh or two from my dynamic and terrible tale, of lose, action, romance and peril.

Thanks for reading, until next time. (Bite me Lucy.)


4 thoughts on “Oh you’re kidding me.

  1. I enjoyed this post very much. Amusing content that’s excellently written with near perfect punctuation and grammar. The only thing to point out is that the last sentence should read, ‘Bite me, Lucy.’ I think you need the comma. Apart from that, probably my favourite post of yours so far. Much kudos, sir.

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