I am, a pot plant.

Recently. England has been having brilliant weather. Don’t get me wrong, 32degrees is lush. But for us Brits, maybe it’s ‘too’ lush.

Now the typical British thing in said weather is to complain. Complain about how hot it is. However when it’s rainy, we complain about how bad the weather is. But I will try to restrain from doing this.

When outside, today’s weather was really nice, I had a nice cold bottle of water and I spent the day laying around with my friends at our local field. It was brilliant, with the odd occasional breeze, the air was not too still, but you still would get the slight perspiration from just walking. Even worse when you’re cycling like myself, disgusting.

But when I got home, to greet family who have visited for my sisters birthday. (Just turned double digits, exciting!) The weather didn’t change, but when it got darker, family left and I had moved in to my room, it got worse.

Sitting in front of a computer screen is not fun. As we know, heat rises, and being in the top floor is not nice. Windows fully open, door open to allow circulation did not help.

So for the past two, three hours; I’ve sat here melting, if not wilting as a un-watered pot plant. I feel really slumped and tired writing this and my eyes are almost shut. So after this, I will go reward myself to a cold drink, and some shut eye.

Tonight, I can predict will be hell. Especially how I can’t sleep on my duvet, I just can’t. I’ll have to sleep half-under tonight, and awake in hopefully a less oven like room.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow.


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