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Oh humph, what is this relic of a blog?

Yes, I’ve decided to dust it off and re-ramble once more. As I did around this time last year, I am going to use this to log my progression towards my approaching exams and over the course of my summer. Lets jump in? 

Well thats the thing, I don’t think I need to log anything just yet. This is just the prep stages. I guess I could blog what i’ve been up to? Maybe. 


Well the blog went because it slowly decayed in some tragic representation of a particularly shit time in my life. Being seperated, being dicked around and treated like crap and it was a waste. However, I don’t feel the need to project my personal sadness anymore, if anything, it will just be the academic strain of trying to get into my offered place at the University of Nottingham. 

I’ve started my revision in late Jan, small bits and bobs really. Its only since the middle of March I started my actual focused revision. At the moment, it is going reasonably well, I hope. I did past papers to highlight areas of struggle. I feel I am progressing well towards them and upon testing myself, out of all the module exams my worst score was 67%. Its average, but far better than my position last year. My first exam is the 19th of May, but it is a first year exam, no stress. My first A2 exam is the 9th of June, Chemistry F334. 

Currently I am in my easter holiday, however calling it a holiday is an overexaggeration. It is definitely a break from timetabled lessons, but I have spent each day (apart from weekends) in the college library from 10 till 4. The focused revision is really working. I feel like I am making good steps towards good grades. I am trying to wrap my studies into my life more so they feel less of a chore but just something I do. 

Today was shocking, however. I got to the lib at around 9:30am. I studied vectors in three-dimensions (and made some rather good progress with them) until 11 where I then had a driving lesson at 11:30. Coming back after buying lunch at 1:30pm I sat back down and half half an hour I could not get focused. Not at all. I continued some vectors work and answered some early past paper exam questions well. Come 3pm I had written a page on DNA and left in anger at not being able to focus. 

I’m just going to write the day off. 

Tonight i’m going to sleep early, get up early tomorrow and slog out the work I missed today and the work I have to do tomorrow. 

On the agenda:

DNA and RNA revision, Moments Mechanics work, Particle Physics revision, a Mechanics 1 past paper and exact values of volume of revolutions revision for Core 3 maths. Should keep me busy over the day as it is the last day the Lib is upon until the return of college. Of which I am actually sort of excited, the structured lessons make me feel like I’m wasting less time. 


I think that sums up my life right now, in terms of music i’ve fallen in love with Thin Lizzy again, and i’ve been listening to the Smiths over and over again (again). ‘These Things Take Time’ speaks true words when tackling an intergral that involves a partial fraction!


“I’m spellbound, but the woman divides. And the hills are alive with celibate cries. But you know where you came from and you know where you’re going and you know where you belong. You said I was ill and you were not wrong”


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