My Stool

At this moment in my life, I like to consider I have three main people who contribute differently to my personality. In their own ways, they have made me a better person. They both give and take from me different things. And, in this blog I intend to dedicate a paragraph (or two) to each person. I’d just like to note, all of my friends are important to me, but it would take too long to write about each of them, obviously. 

So these three, are like the legs of a stool that is my personality. 

First of all, I would not be the socially-acceptable, confident (ish) person without my a certain chap, Ry. Sometimes I have to consider if I would be still here without some of the times he’s stepped in a slapped (literally) some sense into me. He’s like the brother to me, we’ve seen each other at our worst and we’ve both always been there to drag each other out of it. 

“Stop being a c*nt, you c*nt” 

One of my favourite things about him is how he won’t be afraid to talk his mind. He doesn’t give a crap who you are, but normally if you’re closer to him, he’ll speak his mind more. Everyone needs a person who won’t give them the lies they want, but the truth they need. 

Also, I don’t think I would like half the music I like right now if it wasn’t for him dragging me too gigs. More than half of them I’ve gone to with that scruffy lad. 

There’s a lot more I could say about him and even more hilarious stories about us. But it’ll take too long and it’ll just give away all the good stuff that could be saved for future posts. But frankly, he’s my best pal and even when I go to Uni I hope he knows I’m not going anywhere. 

The next person, is quite simply confusing. And I say that with some sort of affection. Basically she’s Wong, but not the WONG person to talk to. She doesn’t mind my subtle stereotyping, and I hope she knows I mean it in an adorable way, not a rude way. I guess you can say is that if you’re a good friend of mine I will make fun of you and give you many chances to do the same back. 

I’ve known her the least out of these three people, but yet she contributes a lot to how I am. Sometimes she makes me so frustrated by commenting on my lack of grammar, the way I type on the keyboard or the infrequence in my replies. I actually remember her reporting to me every detail of a date she was on and it was brilliant. I don’t think I could find a string of texts so amusing. 

She’s quite a cute person, but nonetheless she is brilliant in her own right. Despite her passion for Biology, I can still tolerate her due to her love for Chemistry (and our mutual distrust of maths exams). I don’t fully know how we clicked as we did, nor how at around the start of the year she got my attention as she did. I do know, that I am glad that we started talking and how we find it impossible to run out of things to talk about. As with the other people I am writing about, I find it impossible to get annoyed at her, she only has to poke fun at me when I’m annoyed for me to laugh and you can’t really be seriously annoyed at someone when you’re trying not to laugh. 

I hope she doesn’t get bored of my crap, or just run off or decide she prefers Biology to Chemistry. 

“Are you going to actually use my name?”


“But why? My name is Sam!”

“No, you’re Kemp.”


The last person, of this post is not the worst. She’s ginger, so that’s something. She forced me to appreciate maths, she slates Chemistry and introduced me to The Smiths. (Best. Life-choice. Ever.)

I’ve known her a little less longer than Ry, but over the times she’s become increasingly important to myself. She’s insanely intelligent and Cambridge bound (which I think I’m sometimes more excited than she is). Academically, she’s given me some of the best advice how to slog on with studying. Boosted my confidence with college and was genuinely one of the few people who believed I could get as far as I am now. A lot of the time, I consider if she wasn’t around to convince me to push on with the notion of Uni. 

“Next years going to be weird, we’ve only just come to college and we’re leaving soon, you’ll be going to Cambridge and I might be going to Nottingham.”

“Nope, you will.”


Oddly, we seem to believe in each other more than ourselves on occasion. Which is a good thing, I’ve had break downs about not feeling ‘college enough’ for my exams and she’s done the same. So far, we have not failed on the path to our destinations. I am confident she won’t either. We are ultimately, the best procrastinators and pessimists. 

I think also, she has introduced evenly biased opinions of religion. She has never (like some other people I know) tried to force her religious opinions onto me, but simply suggested an alternative way of thinking about the subject. I like to understand things from different angles where possible and I do. I am not at all religious, but it would be stupid to ignore other peoples opinions because they do not match yours.

I am fully appreciative of her existence for many reasons, allowing me to vent academic frustration, discuss non-religion vs religion and just fan girl/boy over Steven Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rouke and Mike Joyce!


I guess that ends that, I have written a lot but frankly it is the tip of the iceberg. Each person contributes to my life differently, as I said. And in their ways they are truly awesome and what not. I sincerely hope that they don’t go anywhere for a while.

I think something to finally note that friends are really important. Surrounding yourself with happy, strong and positive people defines a happy, strong and positive person. 

Until next time. 


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