University… soon!

It has been a while since my last blog. Last time I was wrapped up in the A level struggle: the pain and strain of trying to do well.

However, with everything over and done with (and im sure I shall endure writing a blog about the ‘in-between’) I am going to University in 10 days! I am both nervous and excited tremendously.

My intentions are to blog when I am there, especially more frequently at the start as I settle in and everything, with pictures too! Additionally, I may blog pre-uni once or twice. Maybe a two-parter? I am not entirely sure yet, but as I don’t have much to do other than work my part-time job, say goodbye to long term friends (more so a ‘See you soon’, I hope) and kill time until the day I move. The day I venture into the world of being a self-sustained young adult. Scary.

Until next time

“How could we… when did we forget where we came from?” //


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